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Weekend Getaways Near Nalanda

Tourists visiting Nalanda have a wide variety of options to choose from. Want your weekend to be enjoyable and memorable? Or want to enjoy a quiet weekend with your near and dear ones? There are umpteen number of places around Nalanda that are equally mesmerizing and offer the tourists a prolific experience. While traveling to Nalnda you can also visit Rajgir, Patna, Bodh Gaya and other nearby locations famous for their historical lineages and beautiful locations.


Also called ‘The abode of kings’, the royal city of Rajgir is situated in Bihar, surrounded by seven hills. It is a paradise of lush green beautiful forests. Gautam Buddha use to spend his summers meditating on the peak of the Gridhakuta (Vulture's Peak), and Mahavira spent 14 years of his life. Rajgir is dotted with places relating to Mahabharata and the Buddha period. From magnificent temples, monasteries to sky-rising mountains and hot springs, Rajgir has it all. There are about 26 Jain Temples on the hills that can be reached by trekking. These temples are famous for their association with the Jain Tirthankars. Rajgir has a wide variety of places that you can explore and enjoy.

Weekend Getaways near Nalanda

Vishwa Shanti Stupa is one of the famous pilgrimage site in this holy city. Apart from this there are numerous other visiting destinations like Jarasandha Ka Akhara, Bimbisar Jail, Pippala caves, Maniyar Math, Brahmakund, Venuvana, Cyclopean Wall, Ajatashatru’s fort, Griddhakuta, Rajgir wildlife sanctuary, Aerial Ropeway, Jivakameavan Gardens and more. In addition, there are a variety of activities that one can enjoy in Rajgir. They include boating, rafting, spelunking, trekking shopping for handicrafts etc. Though it can be visited any time throughout the year, tourists flock here during the month of October to witness the Rajgir Dance Festival, held annually by the Bihar State Tourism Department showcasing classical dance, folk dance, music, and art performances.

How to Reach Rajgir from Nalanda ?

Rajgir, about 12 km from Nalanda takes about 20 minutes by road. There are buses, every half an hour, the cost being Rs.8 per ticket. One can also avail car services and luxury coaches offered by private travel agencies.

Where to Stay in Rajgir ?

Rajgir offers its visitors a variety of accommodation options, depending on their budget and requirements. From 4-star hotels to small low-priced hotels the region has enough decent places to stay. There are a number of BSTDC run hotels, apart from the private ones, offering the tourists various services and ensuring that they have a comfortable stay.

Tathagat Vihar
BSTDC run hotel, AC-Deluxe-Economy rooms, restaurant
Address : Near Kund Area
Phone : 06112 - 255176

The Rajgir Residency
64 Deluxe rooms
Phone : 06112 - 255404/255405

Indo Hokke Hotel
A 3-Star hotel, 44 rooms, restaurant named 'Lotus' & Bar
Address : Near Veerayatan, Rajgir
Phone : 06112-255231

Ajatsatru Vihar
Address : BSTDC run hotel, Dormitory Beds, restaurant
Phone : 06112 - 255176

Gautam Vihar
Address : BSTDC run hotel, AC-Deluxe-Economy rooms, restaurant
Phone : 06112-255273


Patna near NalandaThe capital city of Bihar, Patna is believed to be one of the oldest cities in the world. Located on the southern bank of the River Ganga, the city was also known as ‘Patliputra’. Culturally, historically and religiously, it is a vibrant city. The rich historical legacy coupled with its significant cultural contribution, make this city one of the most sought after place in Bihar.A number of ancient monuments scattered within the city throws significant light on the rich historical legacy of the land. It is also blessed with a number of religious places in its vicinity. Kumhrar, Agam kuan, Golghar, Takht Sri Patnasahib, Gandhi Maidan, Patna Planetariu, Funtasia Water Park, Srikrishna Science Centre, Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden are some of the most visited places in Patna.

Patna is also famous for it numerous shopping destinations and recreational options. Patna market, Maurya Lok complex, Boring road market, Hathua market are some of the most favored shopping destination in the region. From beautiful handicraft items to appreals and designer jeawllery all chan be found at these places.

How to Reach Patna from Nalanda ?

One can take a bus from Nalanda main road to Bihar Sharif, cost being Rs.8 per ticket. Buses are available, every half an hour. One can then take a bus from Bihar Sharif to Patna. The estimated travel time is about eight hours, each ticket costing around Rs.70. There are also trains connecting Nalanda to Patna, with fares starting from Rs.50. Otherwise tourists can opt for luxury cab services arranged by travel agencies to ensure a smooth travel.

Where to Stay in Patna ?

As for means of accommodation, the tourists visiting Patna are spoilt for choice. There are a number of hotels ranging from one star to five star, with varying rates. Tourists can choose the appropriate option based on their requirements. There are also a number of moderately priced hotels around the railway station and the airlines office. Tourists can also opt to stay at Tourist Bungalow (Kautilya Vihar) of Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation.

Kautilya Vihar
Address : Beer Chand Patel Path,
Phone: 91-0612-2225411, 2210219, 2210242.
Fax: 91-0612-2236218.

Hotel Patliputra Ashok
Address: Beerchand Patel Path, Veerchand Patel Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001
Phone: 0612 250 5270

Hotel Maurya
Address: South Gandhi Maidan, Nawal Kishor Road, Old Jakkanpur, Raja Ji Salai
Indira Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001
Phone: 0612 220 3040

Samrat International
Address: Fraser Road, Rajapur, Indira nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001
Phone: 0612 222 0560

Bodh Gaya

It is one of India’s top spiritual destinations as it is believed that Lord Buddha meditated, preached and attained enlightenment here under the Bodhi Tree. The famous MahaBodhi Temple is situated adjacent to this tree.The place itself is full of positive vibrations. One can feel the tranquillity and calmness, reflected in the atmosphere, filled with spiritual activity like chanting and meditation. People from all walks of life can soak up and appreciate the soothing and serene ambience if this place.

Nalanda to Bodh Gaya

Numerous monasteries, museums, temples, trees, all related to Lord Buddha’s life are present here and visitors throng along this place throughout the year. Apart from the MahaBodhi Temple, a number of religious places of worship like Chinese Temple, Indosan Japanese Temple, Viatnamese Temple, the Great Buddha Statue, Ratnaghara, Cankramana adorn this part of Bihar. In addition, there are the Bodhi Tree, Ajapala Nigrodha Tree, Animesh Lochan Chaitya, Sujata Kuti, Rajayatna Tree etc. A number of monasteries like the Thai Monastery, Royal Bhutan Monastery, Burmese Vihara are equally appealing. Muchalinda Lake, Dungeswari Hills, Mahabodhi Stupa, Lotus Tank, Buddha kund, are equally famous for their beauty. A new meditation garden has also been constructed in the temple complex with two prayer bells, fountains and many rooms for group meditation.

Things to do in Bodh Gaya
Besides, there are lot many things that a tourist can do in Bodh Gaya. Some of them include spinning the Dharmachakra at the Tibetan Monastery, tie prayer flags on the Bodhi tree to fulfil our wishes, shop at the open bazaars of Royal Bhutan Monastery, walk around the beautiful garden of the Royal Bhutan Monastery, take a walk around the perimeter of the temple compound treading your way through monks from around the world, each soaking up the ambience of this sacred place.

How to Reach Bodh Gaya from Nalanda ?

Bodh Gaya is about 90 km from Nalanda, and takes about 1 hour 45 minutes by road. Direct buses are available from Nalanda to Bodh Gaya during the peak season, from October to March. Otherwise, one can take a bus from Nalanda to Gaya, and then bus or rickshaw, at about Rs. 200 down to Bodh Gaya. BSTDC also operates cars like Toyota, Innova, Alto etc on a prepaid basis.

Where to Stay in Bodh Gaya ?

Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation runs three hotels - Siddhartha Vihar, Buddha Vihar and Sujata Vihar and has a Tourist Information Centre in its sprawling tourist complex campus. There is Hotel Bodhgaya Ashok run by Indian Tourism development Corporation and there are several other private hotels in the town.

Siddharth Vihar
Bodhgaya, Gaya-824231
Phone: 0631-2200445, 2200127.

Sujata Vihar
Bodhgaya, Gaya-824231
Phone:0631-2200445, 2200127.

Buddha Vihar
Bodhgaya, Gaya-824231.
Phone: 0631-2200445, 2200127.

In addition, there are a number of hotels, resorts and monastery guest houses near the MahaBodhi Temple, available at nominal rates that can be availed by the tourists.


Trip from Nalanda to VaisaliIt is a beautiful city in Bihar, surrounded by banana and mango groves and paddy fields, it has a scenic splendor that holds its audience in captive. Vaishali is an important place for Buddhists as well as Jains and also has references in the Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Mahavira was born here and Lord Buddha had delivered his last sermon close to this place. It also has historical significance to it. This place, which was the capital of the Licchavi state, was an eminent trade hub. Many historians also believe it to be world’s first republic that evolved with an elected body of representatives. This place thus, is an amalgamation of religion, culture and history, and has many significant monuments and structures that prove this fact.

Places of interest in Vaishali Ashokan pillar, Buddha Stupa, Raj Vishal ka Garh, Coronation Tank, Ramchaura, Vaishali Museum. There are many other destination also where you can visit to make your trip memorable and enjoyable.

How to Reach Vaisali from Nalanda

Vaishali is about 128 kms from Nalanda, and may take about 2 hours by road. One can hire a private vehicle directly from Nalanda to Vaishali. A more economical way would be to take Budhpurnima Exp from Nalanda to Patna, and then hire a vehicle from Patna to Vaishali as no direct train is available connecting the two.

Where to Stay in Vaisali ?

Vaishaliin Bihar has a number of small and medium sized hotels providing the visitors a comfortable and pleasant lodging. Most of these hotels are located in Hajipur, the district headquarters of Vaishali and are quite close to places the of tourist interests in Vaishali. Most of these hotels provide AC, Non- Ac, Deluxe Type Rooms, car parking facilities etc, with a clean and well-maintained ambiance.

Hotel Ambapali Vihar

Address: Ambapali Vihar, Vaishali-844128.
Phone: +91-622-285425

Apart from these, there are many other places in as well as near Nalanda that are worth visiting. These places can make you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, reborn and help you rediscover yourself. A quiet weekend trip with your friends and loved ones, away from the routine can help strengthen the bond that you share and also help healing your physiological and physical self. So, take a break, pack your bags, head off to Nalanda, enjoy these weekend getaways with your family and make your weekend a memorable one.

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